DIY Handyman Lessons for Kids

When something is damaged inside your home, your first instinct would be to call for a handyman Singapore to help you out. But wouldn’t it be better if you take the initiative to learn these repairs and perform them on your own? Learning these things will save you a lot of money and time. In fact, you can also learn a lot of useful skills you may apply in your life. And speaking of useful skills, it would be best if your kids learn the same lessons too. If you want your kid to know these kills, here are a couple of DIY handyman exercises to help prepare your children.


Hammer Nails Into An Unused Piece of Wood

One of the most basic skills in performing handyman projects is knowing how to use a hammer. In order for young children to be familiarized with this tool, you have to make sure first they are safe as they use it. To do just that, get a piece of wood you’re not using anymore and teach them how to hammer a nail into it properly. Show them how to hold a hammer and how to swing it safely onto a nail. Once they get the hang of it, they can now perform simple tasks with this tool.


Teach Them the Value of Safety

Kids sometimes forget to stay safe in most of the things they do. This line of thought should not apply when they start learning how to handle even the simplest of handyman repair tasks. As their parent, show to them the different kinds of protective gear, like gloves, goggles, and a hard hat. You should also explain to them their purposes and how they can protect our bodies from injuries caused by performing handyman repair projects. The more that these kids know about safety, the more they can be preventive in every move they make. Plus, explain to them the different kinds of handyman tools and how they can be a cause of injury to people.


Work with a Foam Core First

Unlike hardwood, plastic, or metal, cutting foam is very easy to do. In fact, your kids can master their cutting skills using this material without all the inherent danger. Just hand them a small saw or a cutter and instruct them to cut this foam into strips. As they continue to do this on a regular basis, they will be familiarized with the technique needed to cut materials. Afterwards, they can apply this method to harder materials level up from there.


Use a Drywall When Using a Screwdriver

Kids don’t have enough strength yet in their bodies to drive a screw into a hard material, like wood. To help them master this tool, hand them a piece of excess drywall for them to use. A drywall is very thin and kids can practice driving a screw into it until they master the said skill. In this way, they learn the basics of a screw driver without wasting any precious materials in the process.


Construct a Bolt Board

Bolt boards are pieces of wood with different sizes of bolts in it. A child can use this customized board to tighten and loosen bolts of all sizes using an adjustable wrench. It can be hard at first, especially if the bolts are tightened so hard. But with the right amount of practice and guidance, a child will learn to do this task in a safe and efficient way.

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