About Me


Hey there! Are you fond of going to arts and crafts shops, looking for the next interesting item to purchase even when you don’t really have any art project in mind yet? For you, it just makes so much sense to visit DIY shops every time you go to the mall. Or maybe you believe that with the right tools and the right amount of patience, everything is achievable and doable using your bare hands. Thus, it has become your practice to look for a DIY video, instead of immediately hitting the store, every time you need something.

Well, you’re not alone. I’m exactly that kind of person too. Since I heard of do-it-yourself projects, I’ve always been addicted to watching DIY videos of all sorts in order to solve my daily needs. In fact, my DIY habits have gone a bit extraordinary that I’ve decided to make almost everything in my house DIY, from my toothpaste and shampoo to my electrical switch plates. How’s that for personalizing everything?

But since I believe that the fun should not stop inside my house, I started blogging about the simplest to the craziest DIY projects I’ve done and those I dream to do in the future. I think it will be much more enjoyable and fulfilling to share what I know to those who love the same things I love. Plus, I can expand my knowledge even more through your comments and suggestions!


What You Will Find Here

You might be wondering what sorts of DIY stuff you can find here. Well, to answer your question – EVERYTHING!


A Wide Range of Ideas

I made it a point not to limit my DIY ideas to cute and beautiful things inside the house. I also include highly functional items that will improve your daily living. Aside from aesthetically valuable do-it-yourself decorations and interior design elements, I also share DIY electrical, handyman, and plumbing fixture ideas, among others, here. So dads are welcome too!


Costs and Savings

I’m not all about the materials and the designs, but I also tackle the cost. Most of us resort to DIY projects because we want to save ourselves from the cost of commercialized items from the store. Thus, it’s very important to know how much you need to spend should you go for DIY instead of a purchase. How much will you actually save? Is it worth the hassle? These questions will most likely be answered in every post.


The Latest Tools

As much as we love to make DIY items with our own hands, it will help a lot to get the latest gadgets and equipment that will aid you in your projects. I’m speaking from experience here, because if you’re looking into taking DIY seriously, buying these tools will be a great investment. Don’t worry though, because I’ll always look for the cheapest yet reliable equipment out there. I’ll also share with you some mobile phone applications that will make DIY-ing a lot more easier.